# Administers the procurement and sale of hourly power supply needs and surpluses, respectively.
# Performs regular reviews of revenue requirement and performs related rates analyses based on “Cost Of Service” technique.
# Assists in development of construction and maintenance specification and schedules.
# Enforces rules and policies and federal safety rules and regulations.
# Assist management review and preparation of financing documents.
# Performs related duties as required.
# Assist in annual budgetary preparation and reviews of regular basis.
# Interview and hire new sales associates.
# Generate a new sale through salespeople and associate’s.

# Responsible for establishment of both annual and monthly sales objective.
# Develop the sales establish market and target strategies for the company with the coordination of Director.
# Manage all sales functions through field sales and telemarketing.
# Responsible for the successful management of the need of the company’s clients.
# Spend a time on the filed with salespeople.
# Keep update with the recent market and industry trends, competitors and leading customer strategies.
# Interview and hire new sales associates.
# Generate a new sale through salespeople and associate’s.
# Review operational records and reports to project sales and determine profitability.

# Resolve the clients complaints regarding sales and services.
# Schedule and conduct weekly sales meetings.
# Approve all contracts and related forms signed by the sale people.
# Keep records of sales associates’ productivity.
# Work with the salespeople to improve performance and terminate unsatisfactory performers.
# Develop company-wide marketing and oversee advertising.
# Reward& Incentive for team building and motivation.
# Interview and hire new sales associates.
# Report to Sales activities to Top- Management.
# Generate a new sale through salespeople and associate’s.
# Monitor customer preference to determine focus of sales efforts.

# Help client to buy and sell properties.
# Organizing the sales visits.
# Arranging advertising, canopy and branding to promote the property.
# Build business by identifying and selling prospects: maintaining relationship with clients.
# Identifies business opportunities by researching and analyzing sales options.
# Maintains relationship with clients by providing support, information and guidance.
# Maintains Quality service by establishing and enforcing organization standard.
# Contributes to Team-Effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
# Prepares reports by collecting, analyzing and summarizing information.
# Sells products by establishing contacts and developing relationships.

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